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Who We Are... 

Over half of a century ago, Hyper Alloys opened its doors with great enthusiasm and a determination to "Do it better".  Today, still under original family ownership, Hyper Alloys has earned national recognition as a leader in the manufacture of heat and corrosion-resistant alloy fabrications.

Our recognition is well founded.  Hyper Alloys’ many years of experience combines with state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers with cost effective, special alloy fabrications. Employee training is an ongoing process at Hyper Alloys, and our equipment and techniques are upgraded continually, assuring that we can meet or exceed the ever-increasing demands of the industries we serve.

Quality is a priority with us and to show our commitment we are ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED.

Where We Are... 

With field representatives in key cities throughout the United States, Hyper Alloys is easily accessible to virtually any industrial site. Our sales associates are extremely knowledgeable and interact closely with customers to insure a product which meets or exceeds requirements.

For further information, contact Hyper Alloys’ main facility for the field representative nearest you.

We've Got What It Takes...

                The Experience

                           The Enthusiasm

                                       To do it Better