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Some of our most requested fabrications include:

Radiant Tubes

Straight tubes, "U", "O" and "W" shaped are regularly fabricated in sizes ranging from 2" to 10" OD. Cast and wrought combinations are available. Many tubes are welded on our custom tube machine that can weld both OD and ID simultaneously without filler metal.

 U-Tube W-Tube Double P-Tube


Serpentine and barn roof are two of the more widely used fabricated trays, but the varied designs are endless.

 Fabricated Tray Barn Roof Tray


Many designs of round bar baskets are made, both pressure welded and MIG welded.

Bar Basket Bar Baskets


Both standard and deep corrugated boxes are regularly manufactured from one piece--- a design pioneered by Hyper Alloys.

Corrugated Box


A variety of shapes can be manufactured, including oval, square, "O" and "D". Muffles can be straight sided with external or internal supports and varied corrugations. Fixed or removable hearth plates are available.

Muffle Muffle (30-ft)

Furnace Parts

Standard fabrication includes hearth plates, fans, pusher dogs and chain guides. Vacuum and Hydrogen retorts are custom built to specifications.

Rotating Furnace Tube Furnace Fan